Neutron/X-ray Scattering Length Density Calculator

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   Compound Formula: ♣ e.g., (H2O)0.1(D2O)0.9  
   Wavelength (λ): Å   (Optional for Info)  
  Neutron SLD (βn):
i -2]  
  X-ray (Cu Kα) SLD (βcu):
i -2]  
    X-ray (Mo Kα) SLD (βmo):
i -2]    
Additional Info
Neutron Incoherent SLD:  -2]
Neutron Penetration Depth (e-1):  [cm]
Neutron Absorption Cross Section:  [cm-1]
Neutron Coherent Cross Section:  [cm-1]
Neutron Incoherent Cross Section:  [cm-1]
  Compound  ρ[gcm-3] λ[Å]  Re(βn)[Å-2 Im(βn)[Å-2 Re(βcu)[Å-2 Im(βcu)[Å-2
  D2O         -     -  

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